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The annotated bibliography is among the most important parts of the writing process, regardless of the nature of work. In preparing different research papers, preparation of an annotated bibliography is a critical phase. It is important to consider the recommended number of references for a research work. Far from a casual walk in the park, an annotated bibliography is much more difficult to write. The complicated structure of an annotated bibliography demands the knowledge and skills such as analysis and synthesis of information. Although difficult, an annotated bibliography is a common requirement by instructors before beginning a research paper to check the level of understanding of the topic that is researched. This is where most students need help from qualified academic assistants in writing a good annotated bibliography. Depending on the customers’ preferences, the site is able to provide a bunch of samples of annotated bibliographies for free. This is for those wishing to write on their own. However, there are ready writers waiting to help the client with the entire writing process.

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